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Catch up with G.C. – Plus Properties, bringing Larnaka into a new era (Part 1)

Catch up with G.C. – Plus Properties, bringing Larnaka into a new era (Part 1)

Theodosia Apostolou

Today we present the first part of our conversation with the founder of Plus Properties, Mr. Georges Chehwane.
We had a long discussion with him about the role his company has played in recent years in the investment and housing sector of Larnaka, the promotion of Cyprus abroad through Plus Properties campaigns, the issues that in his opinion need improvement and even about the regions surrounding Cyprus. He explains to us why he considers Cyprus to be the most suitable destination to live in and the plans of Plus Properties in the future.

Plus Properties has been one of the key factors in the residential and economic development of the city of Larnaka in recent years. Georges Chehwane CEO of the company, believed in our city by investing large capital within the Greek Cypriot borders. In fact, he promoted and continues to promote Cyprus and especially Larnaka as an ideal destination through advertising campaigns abroad.

Cyprus is a country where you can enjoy all the benefits of a European State with lower costs and Larnaca has excellent weather, wonderful clean beaches, strategic geographical location, easy transition to other countries due to the distance and the new airport, low taxes and a safe society.

We put Larnaka on the map for international investors and paved the way for many other developers. As quoted by Mr. G.C, “Larnaka is the promising city, it is a paradise for both the island’s residents and foreigners. Whether it’s for family life or a base for your business.
Presently we have designed 67 projects. We have already delivered more than 30 of these across the island and more than 600 units have been sold. All our projects are carefully studied and designed by Plus Properties architects and engineers. Our materials are carefully selected, and we always deliver top quality results.
Our buildings are in ideal locations with beautiful views and direct access to services.
Our locations are always Prime or up and coming to ensure that the value of our clients investment increases year after year. One of the major benefits of our company, is the guaranteed delivery of our projects within the due date that we give our buyers.

With our company’s campaigns in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Lebanon and other Arab countries, we highlighted Cyprus, and especially Larnaka, as an ideal destination for investment, as that’s what we always believed.”
Mr. G.C. noted, “decade-long goals have been achieved in recent years, putting the city back on the game map and raising the standard. Big projects that have been pending for years have been implemented as well as the moving of the oil tanks from the great natural beauty of Larnaka which is the seashore.”

Another important factor which makes Cyprus so attractive is the low prices and high quality of life. He emphasized that, despite the attractive package that Cyprus can offer to foreign investors, the Cypriot government should focus more on the prospect of development that good investors will bring to the country and correct some problems that arise.

One of the main issues at the moment, that we and others face is the delayed issuing of planning permits from the Municipalities as well as the time-consuming issuance of property titles by the Land Registry.

As he explained, “if these procedures are done quickly, you will save time and offer the buyer more security to invest in a state that will provide them both permits and title deeds sooner. I believe that these are fundamental issues that the state must examine and provide solutions to.”

Read next Sunday the second part of the interesting discussion.

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